Good Cleaning Starts in Your Bucket

Sometimes an accident will catch you unprepared, leaving a huge mess on your hands. In this case the best course of action would be to contact a professional house cleaning company but if for some reason you have to clean the mess by yourself and with limited resources, here are a few useful tips that could save you the trouble:

    • There’s never enough Baking Soda

    Baking Soda is the ruler of cleaning items – it just about feels like there’s nothing it couldn’t spotless! Make your flatware and silver adornments sparkle again with a blend of heating pop and a touch of water. Store a bowl of baking soda in the fridge or a cupboard to absorb odors. You can save your burnt pans too! Add a little white vinegar and bring it to a boil. Then take the burnt cookware off the stove and add baking soda. It will be much easier to scour the pans and return them to their former glory. If you want to prevent bad odor from your kitty’s litter box, again, you know what to do – put some baking soda in it for no foul scents.


    • Lemonade, Anyone? 

    At the point when life gives you lemons. Clean the spigots! Citrus extract can help you expel stains and clean the spigots around the house. Additionally, utilize lemons and kitchen salt to clean your cutting board – simply rub everything in and let it sit for two or three minutes and you are ready.


    • Toothpaste isn’t just for your Teeth

    Use toothpaste to clean your engagement ring or to bring back old sneakers to life. Also, you can heal the scuff marks on your vinyl flooring, shoes or even cars. Use an old toothbrush or damp cloth for better results. Restore the 20/20 vision to your car headlights with a bit of toothpaste and a buffer pad. If you are dying your hair, use toothpaste to clean out the color stains from your face.


    • It’s Perfectly Suitable to use Alcohol Before Noon

    Rubbing alcohol, that is. Use it as a hand sanitizer, or simply clean your combs and brushes by letting them soak in it for a couple of minutes.

    • Corn Starch

    It helps keep my living room carpet stain free.  I sprinkle it on, let it sit and vacuum away!  The corn starch also removes those musty odors deep down in the carpet.  I sprinkle corn starch on all my area rugs to keep them fresh.

    • Pro tip: Use a razor to remove paint residue or lint gunk’s on your clothes.
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