Clean As You Go

Clean as you go – It’s the one cleaning tip to help you simply your life and save you time.

Simplifying your life, which is a part of frugality and good time management, saves you money and reduces daily pressures.

It seems such a small thing, that little mess, but before you know it it’s become a BIG mess – and that means, it looks and feels like a big clean-up job. Groan. It’s disheartening and just seems like it might take up too much time to clean so it gets left again – and then it’s even worse.

Have you ever wanted to cook or bake something but the measuring cups or baking pans or pots are dirty? So you have a big mess to deal with before you can even start to do what you want to do. Frustrating and time consuming.

So clean as you go – don’t leave any mess until it becomes a bigger mess.

Bigger messes can run your life – smaller messes are just that – small.

Here are 9 easy tips to help you clean as you go.

  1. Don’t park your plate or glass beside the sink – put it in the dishwasher. First thing when you are clearing the table – open the dishwasher so it’s a one step process. Pick up plates and cutlery, scrape them off if necessary, and place in dishwasher.
  2. Clean your vegetables and fruit when you come home from the store so they are ready to use. One mess to clean-up and everything’s ready to hand whenever anyone wants a snack or needs veggies for dinner. Plus your vegetable drawer will stay cleaner longer. And, less waste.
  3. Clean off the outside of messy containers, like catsup, ice cream and the tops of jars like salsa, every time you use them. Your refrigerator and cupboards stay cleaner. So will your hands and counter the next time you go to use the product.
  4. Rinse hard-to-clean items like blenders or colanders immediately after use. Even if you can’t wash them right away they’ll be easier to clean without food dried on when you do.
  5. Clean stove tops, counters, and small appliances right after you use them. (Please, do let them cool first) They’ll be easier to clean before stuff has dried on – and you won’t feel so overwhelmed by a BIG mess. It doesn’t even have to be perfect, just get the worst of it cleared away if that’s all you have time for then.
  6. Organize your kitchen so your dishes are stored close to the sink and dishwasher to speed up cleaning and replacing them in the cupboards. Keep large stirring spoons and seasonings near the stove. Keep as many of your baking supplies together for one-drawer or one-door access – with everything right where you can reach (and replace) it quickly. By putting everything close together, you’ll save steps, time and your energy and that makes whatever cooking or baking you are doing plus all the daily clean-ups so much more enjoyable.
  7. When you are cooking or baking, keep a big bowl of hot soapy water in the sink. It’s there to instantly wash your hands but also use clean as you go techniques to wash small things or at the very least put them in to soak and wash them when you have a minute in between the steps of your recipe. It’s also great to get some of those big pots and pans you’re finished using out of the way. If you do this regularly by the time you are finished your kitchen will be almost clean. A final swipe to the counter tops will be quick and easy.
  1. It may feel at first as if you’re spending more time but you’re not – you’ll be more organized, spend less time looking for things you need, and the feeling when you are finished is just SO nice. Instead of a big mess now facing you to clean up (making you wonder if this cooking thing is worth it) you and your kitchen will look good – and you’ll feel satisfied at a job well done.

2 more Clean as You Go tips:

  1. Instead of carrying 3 or 4 wastepaper baskets out to the trash can, grab the first one, and then empty all the rest into it leaving you with just one to take out. If you used to empty them all into a plastic bag, that’ll save a plastic bag, too.
  2. When you empty the garbage, check to see if garbage pail need cleaning – and do it then. By the time you take the trash out, it’ll probably have dried and be ready for a new liner.
  3. Life’s easier when you clean as you go.
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