An Organized Life is a Happy Life

Clutter leads to stress. Having to see things all over the place, move things aside, or even smell aspects of untidiness overload our senses and create disharmony.

Maybe your desk is messy and you have to look at it all day as your work. Or maybe you have a stack of bills to be paid sitting to the side. You don’t think these things matter, but peripherally being aware of them while you’re trying to focus on other things draws focus away from your main task. This is where tasking can help.

Whether it’s finding someone to help organize your office or finding someone to offload some of that work to, you can reduce clutter and streamline your operation with some help. You’d probably be surprised how much of a difference things like that can make.

In the case of delegating, you gain peace of mind by being able to hand something off and trust that it will get done without you. Basically, you clear it from your mind. Psychologists say that mental clutter is as significant as physical clutter, and having a bunch of to-dos on your mind hinders your ability to even deal with one issue at a time.

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