Company History


Acquire Enterprises was founded back in 2005.

We have flourished through a combination of entrepreneurial leadership,

courage, vision and innovation. What started as a pure trading company

has since diversified into 3 sectors:-


  1. Property & Building Maintenance
  2. Import And Export
  3. Security And Defense

Vision & Mission

To keep our reputation high as a top firm offering the best services and ideas while paying great attention to quality and details. To offer our customers the best of ours every time, keeping in mind the fact that they are the heart of our business and to be innovative in every venture we undertake.

Consumer Satisfaction

Over the years, we have strived to prevent buyer’s remorse and increase customer satisfaction. We realized early on that just because we made the sale, it doesn’t mean our work is over. We provide product training and future support whenever necessary and that is why our one time buyers have become our loyal customers.


Building Cleaned


Clients Satisfied




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